My name is Michalis Romanos. I was born, raised and educated in Greece but have lived most of my life in the United States and, to a lesser degree, Southeast Asia and Brazil, among other countries. I love Greece, and try to spend as much time each year in the country, and especially my own island of Crete, where I come from. I care for the country and its people, and it hurts me that every constructive comment I or others have ever uttered has been answered with the same short sentence: ” This is Greece, and we do things differently”. That’s a recipe for no-change. The world is moving, and Greece is being left behind, whether we recognize it or not. So I have set up this blog to make comments and, Yes, to identify and analyze the flows that we are all well aware of, but refuse to see, address and even more to do something about.

This is a pro-Greece (but not pro-Greeks!) blog. It is one that invites a dialog on how to begin to address issues that would make us better citizens, of the country and of the world, less selfish about “us” and more concerned about the Community, and more willing to do what is needed to improve the conditions of the country and the lots of our compatriots. Your reaction is always welcome, no matter how critical you may be.